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What’s the Deal with Detailing?

Most people who take pride in the appearance of their vehicle know how important it is to have their vehicles regularly washed and waxed at [...]

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Quick Ways to Cover Up Odors in Your Car

Here at Superwash Express Port Orange Car Wash, we know how hard it is to keep odors out of vehicles. After all, upholstery, carpet and [...]

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Muscle Memory: Some of the Greatest Forgotten Muscle Cars of the Past

At Superwash, when we think of muscle cars, we think of the cars that we see most often. At the top of the list is [...]

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Keeping Pesky Pet Hair from Clinging to Your Car’s Interior

Ah, the joys of pet ownership. There’s no doubt about it, the companionship of an animal is unmatched, and who doesn’t enjoy taking their pup [...]

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Care for Your Soft Top Convertible to Extend its Life and Avoid A Costly Replacement

One of the benefits of living in the Sunshine State is the ability to cruise around in a convertible practically year-round.  Did you know that [...]

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Saltwater: Good for Hair, Skin and Soul, BAD for Vehicles

The beautiful sand varieties of the east coast beaches, the rolling emerald and blue waves of the mighty Atlantic Ocean and the endless golden sunshine [...]

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