When a vehicle is detailed at Superwash Express, our primary goal is to help you keep your vehicle protected both inside and out. When Superwash Express details your vehicle, you can rest assured that the paint and exterior elements on your vehicle are protected and ready to take on the elements. Our Superwash Express Full Service Packages include exterior detailing services like sealant application, hand waxing, vinyl and rubber treatment, tire protection and Rain-X application.

What does a Superwash Express detailing job consist of?

Superwash Express has a huge variety of detailing services for you to choose from. Do you just want Superwash Express to go over your car quickly to keep it in the clean condition it’s in? We’ve got you taken care of! Need your seats or floor fats cleaned? Easy – we off ala carte services! Want Superwash to get down and dirty to get your car cleaned from bumper to bumper? We have got you covered!

How often do I need to bring my car to superwash express for a detailing?

While you can bring your car in as often as you would like to Superwash Express for your desired level of detailing, we suggest that the minimum you come see us is twice a year. At each semi-annual visit to Superwash Express you will want to get one of our full-service detail packages to make sure your interior and exterior are protected year-round.

What can I expect my vehicle to look like after a superwash express detailing?

Once your car has been detailed by Superwash Express, you can expect it to shine and smell great! No matter which detailing package you pick from at your local Superwash Express, you can expect your vehicle to be handled with care and given back to you looking just like we promise it to!

Remember, a detailing from Superwash Express is not just about keeping your wheels looking good to onlookers. A vehicle that has been cleaned and detailed on a regular schedule at your local Superwash Express is a vehicle that will hold its resale value, and remain comfortable for you and your family to commute in. A Superwash Express detailing is recommended during any and all seasons.

What are you waiting for? Check out all of our detailing packages at your Superwash Express, and then head on over to see us today! Our team is ready to have your vehicle looking as good as new in no time at all!