Florida is no doubt the Sunshine State – no matter the season, when the sun’s rays are beating down on your car, the interior tends to get toasty pretty quickly! Here at Superwash Express, we are big fans of automobile window tinting, and we see a majority of vehicles that come through our car washes with tint installed. Window tinting is not just for climate control in a vehicle, however. Read on to see some more reasons why Superwash Express says, “YES!” to window tinting.


Bothered by Glare? Problem Solved with Window Tinting!

There’s nothing better than the Florida sunshine – especially in the dead of winter when a majority of the country is busy bundling up to stay warm, or even worse, shoveling snow. This beautiful sunshine can be a menace to drivers at any time of the day when it comes to glare. Superwash Express knows there is nothing worse than hitting the highway at 75 miles per hour only to be nearly blinded by the suns glare. A simple flick of the sun visor just doesn’t cut it sometimes, and it is times like this window tinting is a driver’s best friend. Don’t think you need to have a super dark tint installed, either – just a hint of tint will help reduce the glare from the sun and keep you safer during your commute.


Keep Your Personal Belongings Safe

While Superwash Express never recommends leaving anything of value in your vehicle, we also know that sometimes it is unavoidable. For some thieves, a handful of change in the cup holder is reason enough to smash a window and scoop up your coins. A darker window tint on your vehicle helps to deter thieves from breaking in and taking what is yours. If someone cannot see items inside to steal, they are far less likely to break a window to gain access to your vehicle.


Keep Your Upholstery and Interior in Pristine Shape

Not only do the sun’s rays make it difficult to see when driving, they also cause major wear and tear to your vehicle after prolonged exposure. Along with regular detailing and condition at your local Superwash Express, we recommend window tinting to help preserve your interior. UV rays will do damage including fading of cloth surfaces, and cracking of leather and hard surfaces such as your dashboard. Not only will a good window tint keep your leather looking lovely, it will also help keep it from heating up and making it almost unbearable to sit on with exposed skin!


Stay Safe if Your Windows Get Broken in a Collision

Unfortunately, automobile accidents happen. Did you know that having window tint on your vehicle may help to keep you safer in the event of a collision? No matter the shade of your tint, the film on your windows and windshield acts almost as a safety barrier between you and millions of pieces of glass shards. When the windows are impacted, the film holds the pieces in place instead of allowing them to shatter inward onto you and your passengers. Superwash Express wants you to remember that window tinting will in no way prevent your windows from breaking, but it will act as an extra safety measure to keep the broken pieces in place.


With all of these reasons why window tinting is so much more than cosmetic for your vehicle, what are you waiting for? Give your local window tint installer a call today to see which film is best for you, and then bring your car into Superwash Express for one of our full service packages!