Over the past five years Superwash Express has seen a drastic increase in the amount of vehicles displaying vinyl car wraps and graphics. Vinyl wraps are excellent options for a business owner who wants to advertise via their vehicle – it’s a cost-effective way to get your message out without having to dedicate your vehicle to the cause as vinyl wraps can be removed. For private vehicle owners, vinyl wraps are ideal as they cost much less than a custom paint job, and can be removed at the owner’s discretion to make way for their next graphic desire.


While vinyl graphics are less expensive than a custom paint job, they are still an investment that need to be handled with care and maintained to keep them looking their best and to get the most life out of them. Superwash Express has compile a list of must-do’s and never-do’s to make sure you get the most bang for your buck out vinyl on your vehicle.


The first and foremost rule to follow is to keep your vinyl wrapped vehicle out of automatic car washes. You might be thinking, “Why is Superwash Express advising me NOT to us their services?!” While we love our customers, we also want to keep them happy. We definitely do not want our customer’s graphics to lose their luster, and for that reason we suggest washing your vehicle by hand and bringing it in to Superwash Express to have us do an exquisite detailing! If you run your vinyl wrapped vehicle through an automatic car wash you risk your graphics lifting, cracking, as well as premature fading and dulling. Your best bet is to dilute mild detergent in water and use a gentle washing mitt to get your ride clean. Before you go over the entire vehicle with your mild detergent and water, spot test the solution on an inconspicuous area of the vinyl.


Starting at the top of the vehicle, use your mild detergent solution and gently scrub the surface, taking extra caution to be gentle around the edges and on the surface of the vinyl graphics. Make sure to use clean water for your rinse and follow the same procedure, starting at the top and finishing the rinse at the bottom of the vehicle. To avoid water spots on you freshly cleaned car, Superwash Express recommends using a soft microfiber cloth as opposed to a terrycloth towel. If you aren’t in a hurry, your best bet is to let the vehicle air dry and then removing any leftover water marks with the microfiber cloth. Just as when you washed the vehicle, take extra care to not lift or scratch the edges and surface of the vinyl when you are going through the drying process.


Superwash Express recommends skipping any wax or polish on your vinyl as they can deteriorate the graphics over time. If you do wish to add protection to your vinyl, we recommend a Teflon or silicone based layer over the graphics. Be sure to select a product specifically for vinyl and follow the directions as to get the most out of the product. As a general rule of thumb for your vinyl wrapped vehicle and any vehicle, be sure to wipe up any fuel spills right away to avoid any damage to your graphics and paint.


If you follow these simple car care procedures, you are sure to enjoy your vehicles vinyl graphics for years to come. Once you have cleaned up the exterior of your car, head into your local Superwash Express and let our team make your vehicles interior sparkle!