Many car fanatics trust Superwash Express to keep their custom rides looking sharp. When keeping a customized ride in top condition, Superwash Express knows the importance of keeping your wheels clean, and we know that different wheels require different cleaning techniques. Much like we discussed in an earlier blog about soft top convertible cleaning, the different variety of metals for wheels also require specific attention.

Two Main Material Options

For the most part, high quality wheels are constructed of either alloy or steel. Alloy wheels are comprised of a variety of different metals, but the most commonly we see alloy wheels made of aluminum. While carbon fiber is also common, this option is usually only seen on luxury sports cars, such as a Porsche. Why do drivers choose alloy over steel? The weight. Alloys weigh significantly less than steel wheels, and reduced weight equals better performance when it comes to speeding up and slowing down. While this lightweight wheel construction provides better driving performance, it also means that they are not quite as sturdy and are prone to cracking or even breaking.

The most common type of wheels we see at Superwash Express are steel. Steel is most commonly chosen by automobile manufacturers as repairs are easier and is much cheaper than alloy to mass produce. When a vehicle owner is not concerned about performance, it is a much more practical choice for them to select steel wheels for their vehicle.

Keeping the Wheels Shining

Just as they maintain their appearance and quality for longer, Superwash Express knows that steel wheels are also much easier to clean than alloy wheels. Generally, the different designs of steel wheels are much more basic than their alloy counterparts. When you are washing your vehicle by hand, the simpler design of steel wheels will make it much easier for you to get the wheels clean. Superwash Express wants to remind you of the importance of cleaning the brakes behind the wheel, and with the design of most steel wheels this is much easier to do than on a vehicle with alloy wheels.

When you bring your vehicle to Superwash Express’s automated car wash, we use one formula to clean all wheels regardless of their composition, and you can rest assured that it is safe for any wheel type, and will also get the job done effectively. When handwashing your vehicle you should clean steel and alloy wheels differently for the best results.

If your vehicle is equipped with alloy wheels, you will want to invest in a good quality sponge used only for cleaning the wheels. Superwash Express recommends a gentle scrubbing of the alloy wheels with a gently soap specifically formulated for alloy wheels followed by a polish that will help them shine while protecting them from future damage

Custom wheels are a great addition to vehicles, however they are an investment. It’s important to take time to hand wash your custom wheels several times a year to give them the attention they deserve to keep them looking great. In between those routine hand washes, you can be confident that Superwash Express will keep your wheels looking great!