Vehicles, especially new models, are equipped with a slew of safety features and components. From lane changing assistance to back-up cameras and airbags galore, these safety features only continue to advance and improve with each new model that comes out. Did you ever stop to think that your tires are what separates you from the road in your vehicle? Superwash Express wants to make sure you are safe in your travels, and one of the best ways to maintain your safety is to maintain your tires!

Not only will tires with the proper air pressure and tread keep you safer when driving, but they will also make for a much smoother ride. If your tire pressure is too low or have little or no tread left, you are putting yourself and your passengers at risk of injury. All the safety features in the world on a vehicle can’t save you from a tire blowing out when traveling at 80 miles per hour down the highway, or should you lose control of your vehicle in a heavy downpour. Heed your vehicles low tire pressure warning and promptly inflate the tire to the proper pressure. Tires support the weight of your vehicle, and a tire with low air pressure cannot accommodate this weight effectively.

Superwash Express knows that it isn’t just the tire pressure that needs to be monitored and maintained, it is also important to schedule in tire rotations every 7,000 miles. Rotating the tires ensures that the tires wear evenly, and that no tire receives more wear than another. When tires are rotated a mechanic takes the front tires and places them in the back and vice versa. Doing this every 7,000 miles will ensure you get a long life out of your tires, and will also give you better fuel mileage. Aligning your vehicle is important as well, as a vehicle that is not properly aligned will cause the tires to wear much faster.

Superwash Express recommends vehicles owners to do a tire check daily before getting into their vehicle. It’s better to know you have a low or flat tire before operating your vehicle than having a blowout because you neglected to be observant. Any time you hit a curb, drive over a pot hole, or hit a large bump, it’s important to inspect your tires for damage. Remember, before any large-scale road trip, it’s always a good idea to get your vehicle into a mechanic and have the tires checked. Superwash Express wishes you safe and happy travels!