Here at Superwash Express Port Orange Car Wash, we know how hard it is to keep odors out of vehicles. After all, upholstery, carpet and headliners are traps for unpleasant scents, especially if the source of the scent was liquid. It’s easy to grab the vacuum and remove the sand from the floor, but what isn’t as easy to remove are odors from things that have spilled, pets, and cigarette smoke. Superwash Express wants to help you get rid of these odors, read on to find out how!

You already know that Superwash Express offers the best in full-service car care packages for your interior and exterior, but you may not be able to rush to Superwash Express if something gets spilled, or if you have an odor that has been lingering for some time. Here are some ideas to hold you over between your next Superwash Express service.

Vehicle Sprays

A sprayable air freshener is a great idea for keeping in the glove box or center console of your vehicle. If you notice an unpleasant odor, a quick press of the button provides instant coverage of the odor for the time being, and you can always spray another spray when you notice the scent wearing off. There are literally hundreds of different scents to choose from, so finding one that suits your needs shouldn’t be a challenging task at all. Superwash Express recommends any scents containing citrus essential oils, as they last the longest and also have a fresh, pleasant scent.

Plug it in, Plug it in

Just like we use essential oil diffusers in our home, we can also use them in our vehicle by plugging the diffuser into the charging port in your vehicle. Just like the sprayable air fresheners, these essential oil diffusers provide instant relief. Superwash Express believes these are a bit of a step up from a traditional spray freshener in that the diffuser works to constantly diffuse the essential oil, meaning the car will have a constant smell of the essential oil should the diffuser remain plugged in and the oil chamber filled.

Vent Clips

These clips usually come in two or four packs and can be purchased at almost any gas station or auto parts store on the fly. When you turn the air on in your vehicle, the heat especially, the scent of the clips fills the automobile. A lot of people choose vent clip air fresheners because they are easy and virtually no fuss, however the scent of the clips tends to be overbearing in the beginning and then fade rather quickly, meaning you are replacing them pretty frequently.

Old Faithful: The Hanging Freshener

We have all at some point in time had a tree shaped air freshener gracing our rear view mirror, and there’s a reason these tried and true odor destroyers have withstood the test of time – they work! The scent given off is subtle, yet enough to mask any odors, and these cardboard powerhouses last for a good amount of time, and usually come in multi-packs for less than $5.

With this advice from Superwash Express, there’s no reason your car must be unbearable for you and your guests between your Superwash Express service. Keep a stock of air fresheners in your vehicle until you can make it in, but know that Superwash Express will take care of your vehicle to remove the smell once you get here!