Ah, the joys of pet ownership. There’s no doubt about it, the companionship of an animal is unmatched, and who doesn’t enjoy taking their pup to the park, on road trips, or even into the office? The only downside – the pet hair – an unless you have one of only a handful of breeds that aren’t shedders, you undoubtedly have dealt with the plight of pet hair covering your vehicles interior.

Superwash knows that while it’s great to take our pets on car rides, the hair that we find in every visible and hidden space for days and weeks after can be a real downer. So, what’s an animal lover to do? Read on for advice from Superwash on how to keep the fur from flying so that you and your pet can enjoy hundreds of more miles!

First and foremost, you will want to invest in a good handheld vacuum that can fit into all those tiny spaces and crevices within your vehicle. Superwash recommends getting online and looking for a vacuum that will plug into the power outlet in your vehicle, so pet hair problems can be taken care of right away. If you have the space, keep the vacuum right in your trunk for easy access.

When you have an exceptionally furry pet, the handheld vacuum may not get all the hairs that have become intertwined in your cars fabric upholstery. This is where a handy pet glove comes in. A pet glove is just like a garden glove, but with rubber spikes on the palm side that act as fingers for grabbing pet hair when rubbed over your upholstery. You simply pull the gathered hair from the glove and drop it right in the trash. The pet hair glove is so convenient that Superwash suggests keeping it right in your glove box or center console!

If you don’t have access to either of these pet hair destroyers, Superwash suggests some common household items to use on the fly to get rid of pet hair. Items like duct tape, dryer sheets, and even Velcro curlers can be used to remove pet hair from your interior. While these items won’t remove the hair as good as a good vacuuming or a run over the upholstery with the pet hair glove, they will work in a pinch until you can get your car in for a good Superwash vacuuming!