The beautiful sand varieties of the east coast beaches, the rolling emerald and blue waves of the mighty Atlantic Ocean and the endless golden sunshine make up many of the reasons why living in Florida simply cannot be topped. If your vehicle could talk, however, it may name these exact factors as to why it finds it hard for it to maintain its just off the showroom floor shine.

No matter the age of your wheels, it’s important to maintain the exterior to uphold not only the looks of it, but also the value of it. One of the most damaging elements to vehicles that are driven or housed close to the coast is salt water. That’s right, the salt water that helps to cleanse our pores and make our hair look like we just rode killer waves all day wreaks havoc on not only the body of our vehicles, but also the metal underbody.

Well, none of us are leaving this paradise we call home, so what’s vehicle owner to do to maintain the quality of our vehicle? The answer is simple. Add a stop at Superwash Express to your weekly routine.

When the hot Florida sun is beating down on you, what better way to spend the day than to head to the beach to cool off? While you are basking in the sun and sun, your vehicle isn’t having the same experience. When the sun bakes on your vehicle, the pores in the paint expand. When the paint pores are opened, the breeze carries the salt water vapors and when they land on your car, they make themselves right at home in these open pores. When the pores close, the salt water is trapped inside, which leads to premature corrosion of your shiny paint.

It’s not just the paint on your vehicle that you must worry about – metal parts are far from excluded when we are talking about salt water damage. Although you can’t see all the metal workings, the salt water reaches them. Things like the frame, brake calipers and bolts will develop rust from salt water corrosion.

How will a stop at Superwash Express help to keep your vehicle from feeling the effects of sun and salt water corrosion? Each time you have your vehicle washed by the professionals at Superwash Express you are getting a thorough rinse-off of the salt water on your vehicle. Let Superwash Express spray away a day at the beach, or an entire week of living by the coast from your vehicle.

Our Superwash Express pros will use a high-pressure wash to remove all traces of salt water from the exterior and underside of your vehicle. Want even more protection from the elements? Just like you wouldn’t go to the beach without sunscreen, you shouldn’t own a vehicle close to the coast that doesn’t have a good coating of wax. Superwash Express has you covered!